The commemorative stamps from the post office represent a view of history that only tells part of the story. This exhibit asks: what if the rest of the story were present and made into stamps, as well? The show Forever acknowledges civil rights martyrs that have not, and will probably never appear on the US Postage Stamps; not just the well-known supported and acknowledged civil rights leaders, for instance, but the legions of people who were unwilling participants, victims of racially motivated violence. In this way, the show also points to the false narrative that controls who we remember, how we remember them, and for how long. 

Forever brings into question who makes the criteria—whether for being an official civil rights martyr, or chosen for a commemorative stamp—and what if our criteria had a different objective? What if our criteria were an acknowledgment that aimed not just at putting the past behind us, but taking responsibility for it. Restoring to view what is often pushed away, and making something whole from both our owned, and unowned, experiences.